​​​​​Ovid Federated Church

Mobile Food Truck

Every Other Tuesday:
3 PM to 5 PM

WELCOME: There is no application or requirement to participate in this program.  Come as you are from wherever you are.  However, there must be at least one adult representing your household.

WHAT YOU NEED: Bags are provided, but you might want to bring whatever you need to carry your food to your car (i.e., carts, wagons, etc.).

ARRIVAL: Please use the main (double-door) entrance to the building. Upon entering the building (after 2 PM), each household will be provided with a number and invited to wait in the sanctuary.  Please do not arrive early and please do not wait in the hallways or where the truck is unloading.

PROCESS: As numbers are called, participants will proceed to the fellowship hall, sign in, and place their number in the basket before proceeding around the tables where volunteers will assist in the selection of foods.

FROZEN FOODS: Monthly, Foodlink provides a list of frozen food that are available for purchase. Though these items are separate from the distribution of free foods, good quality frozen meats, cheeses, entrees, etc. are offered at a reduced price.  Please see one of the volunteers during the mobile pantry for more information.

HOMEBOUND: Individuals who are homebound may ask a family member, friend or neighbor to pick up food from the truck. Homebound individuals must send a note of request along with a photo identification.