​​​​​Ovid Federated Church

Mobile Food Truck


WELCOME: There is no application or requirement to participate in this program.  Come as you are from wherever you are.  However, there must be at least one adult representing your household.

WHAT YOU NEED: Have your trunk or seat area cleared and ready to be loaded. Trunks can be opened for the boxes before you pull through the line.  Volunteers will load and shut it so you can go.;

ARRIVAL:NO ONE is allowed on school property until after 3:30pm. Boxes will be handed out starting at 4pm - 6pm.

PROCESS: Cars will be lined up by volunteers, and then cars will be directed through the process. Have your trunk/area clean and opened for the volunteers to put your food boxes in, once loaded you may then drive out as directed.

HOMEBOUND: Individuals who are homebound may ask a family member, friend or neighbor to pick up food from the truck. Homebound individuals must send a note of request along with a photo identification.