Ovid Federated Church
7137 N. Main Street
Ovid, NY 14521


​​​​​Ovid Federated Church

Today, the food pantry continues to grow not only in space and operation, but in the mission work provided to the residents of the south end of Seneca County. To keep our operating costs down and to meet the ever-increasing needs of our neighbors, the SS Ecumenical Food Pantry relies heavily on donations from the surrounding communities. We accept donations of unopened non-perishable foods with a reasonable shelf life. Monetary gifts may be sent to:

Ecumenical Food Pantry

SS Ecumenical Food Pantry
c/o Ovid Federated Church
P. O.  Box 340,

Ovid, NY 14521

  Monday: 10 AM to 1 PM

  Thursday evenings: 5 PM to 7PM  
  [emergencies by appointment only]


  AREAS SERVED: People residing in the south end of Seneca County; generally south of Rt. 336.

  Persons residing outside of this area will be served on a one-time basis and provided information about food available in their area.

  WHAT YOU NEED: Information regarding household members, dates of birth, address, etc. will be gathered. 

  ARRIVAL: The doors of the pantry open at 9 AM on Mondays (4:30pm on Thursdays), begin shopping at 10 AM (5PM on

  Thursdays). The entrance is a single door located along the main sidewalk.  In the waiting area, you will find an envelope on the

  bookshelf with tickets. “Please take a number” ticket and you'll be assisted in order of your ticket number.
  FOOD: Though the food served is mostly canned and boxed - items with a shelf life, it represents a variety of food groups. 

  The  pantry makes every attempt to provide at least three meats per week.  The goal is to provide enough food for several days.

  HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Though food is the first priority, the pantry strives to have toiletries and cleaning supplies available.  

  FREQUENCY: Clients may shop once per week per household.

  1) If you are new to the area and in need of food, but it is outside of the normal hours of operation, please contact the church office

      for assistance (607-869-2794).
  2) If you need food but are unable to personally attend the pantry during hours, it might be possible to have a box of food delivered.