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Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

" Friendships of Women" 

"A remarkable gift can arrive in an unremarkable package.  The way he came was every bit as important as the coming itself.  The manger is the message." - Because of Bethlehem

  In this 4 video session study Friendships of Women will study will Max Lucado to remind ourselves
"we no longer have marks on our record... just grace." On every page, Max's words will encourage, captivate and inspire you, but most importantly, they'll remind us:

1. God has a Face.       2. Worship Works Wonders
3. God guides the wise  . 4.  Every heart a manger. 

All are welcome Sunday evenings at 6:00.  

"Faith  Studies" 
The Wednesday morning Bible Study is continuing on with reviewing the lessons we missed during the shut-down of our building.  We are choosing a new book from offerings by Nouwen, Smedes, and other authors we have found to be close to the word of God, usable in a group discussion setting.  All are welcome!

Classes are led by Rev Rob Mellgard.